Wind Statistics for Ithaca - sailing season '97

The week starting on Monday 8 September 1997

Week 37 of 1997

Saturday - Vivacity, with David and Camille. Sunny and pleasant.

Sunday - Vivacity, with Steve and au-pair Petra. Pleasant also.

The week starting on Monday 15 September 1997

Week 38 of 1997

Thursday - O'Day Mariner, with Kris. Nice and sunny, with a soft breeze.

Saturday - windsurfing, 4.7 sqm, also on the Sailboards Maui. Great: stormy and grey. Allegedly the windiest day in decades. They only let me go out after having recuperated the capsized and downed boats from the lake.

Sunday morning - windsurfing, 5.7 sqm, 7 sqm. Great also: windy, cool but partly sunny. No other sailors all morning.

Sunday afternoon - O'Day Mariner with reefed sails, with Jonathan and kids. Very tricky, with the boat heeling over in the waves.

The week starting on Monday 22 September 1997

Week 39 of 1997

Saturday - O'Day Mariner, with Paul and Sam. Pleasant; a soft breeze, not very warm but sunny.

Sunday - windsurfing, 6.8 sqm. A bit windier, but with the wind coming from the SE, the hills block part of it. The water was very flat though. I was the only one out windsurfing in the morning. The conditions were marginal for planing, but there were a few good reaches.

The week starting on Monday 29 September 1997

Week 40 of 1997

Wednesday - windsurfing, 6.2 sqm, 5.8 sqm. Just for an hour or two. Very cold, with a gusty NW wind. Still, there were a few other windsurfers, and even two or three sailboats. A lot of struggling, cramped muscles, one scary catapult because the loose foot pads were blocking the foot straps. By the time I finally got the 5.8 sqm sail nicely trimmed, I was exhausted. The last reach was nice though, which made it all worthwhile.

Saturday - Hobie 18, lesson with Nathan and other students. Great fun! The catamaran flies in the slightest breeze. The water is getting cold, but we didn't capsize.

The week starting on Monday 06 October 1997

Week 41 of 1997

Saturday - O'Day Mariner, with Paul. Pleasant, sunny day, with a fair breeze.

The week starting on Monday 13 October 1997

Week 42 of 1997

Friday - O'Day Mariner, with mum and dad! Sunny but cold, with a brisk wind from the NW. With a reefed main sail, everything went smoothly. The crew could use some more training...

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